Digital inspections of public assets by bicycle

We are specialized in detecting multiple objects in the public space at once using sensors, camera's and artificial intelligence. We  report the status of different damaged objects to municipalities & maintenance parties. Our site inspections are conducted by bicycle and have a positive effect on social & traffic safety.​
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Public maintenance lacks in efficiency and undisputable inspections

The current state of maintenance results in a lack of insight of safety risks and limited actions by authorities to enhance social & traffic safety.​

Observation 1

Currently there is no efficient way of inspections that report damaged objects in an undisputable way. This results in a lack of insight of safety risks and limited actions by authorities to enhance social & traffic safety.​

Observation 2

Maintenance parties and authorities work in silo's and have inefficient ways to maintain the public space. Every type of object is inspected seperately & manually while this could be done at once with AI.

Observation 3

There is limited insight in safety risks due to manual, human inspections. These inspections also lack in controls & auditable evidence and have a high risk of errors in reporting to authorities.​


Digital multi-asset management with verifiable results

We provide insight in the state of multiple objects in one single effort and have auditable proof of our reporting. Our holistic approach results in lower costs and a concise method of risk mitigation for more social & traffic safety.​


Our algorithms automatically detect damages on multiple types of objects, and classify these objects according to local legislation. We use images from our proprietary inspection kit to detect relevant anomalies
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Our reports and dashboards show all relevant images of damaged objects. In this way maintenance can be prioritized based on the type & state of objects, and per geographic area.
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Data Security

We comply with relevant laws & regulations on data & privacy (e.g. GDPR). For example, we blur humans and license plates with our edge computing software. In this way, personal data will not be stored during the site-inspections.
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Social & green business values

VeloTech started from the love of cycling and machine learning, and grew into the world of smart asset management by doing so. ​
Our company stands for social and eco-friendly business values. With the help of the latest tech innovations we strive to improve social & traffic safety, and make cities more livable.​
Wehere possible the inspections are executed by people with a distance to the labor market. With 'Social Return on the Bike' we support them to reintegrate in society.
VeloTech is founded by Willem Schellekens (founded Innovation Studio at ING Bank) and Sjors van Eerten (former Deloitte Compliance & Anomaly Detection).


Digital multi-asset management with verifiable results

Inspections of
Light defects
Damages on light posts
Tiltedness of light posts
Stickers on light posts
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Inspections of
Road damages
Road markings
Damages on traffic signs
Tiltedness of traffic signs
Stickers on traffic signs
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Inspections of
Garbage & litter
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